Here's the Real Deal...

Real Deal Hurt Crème is a pure herbal rubbing cream that helps rapid calming of bruising, strains and inflammation.   Made using nine pure organic herb extracts and two essential oils in a natural base, Hurt Crème absorbs easily, leaving your skin smelling fresh and clean.

When used before exercise, Hurt Crème helps to increase blood circulation, warming up the muscles which can help prevent injury.  Recommended by New Zealand physios and suitable for all skin types, Hurt Crème is a gentle, effective way to look after your body — and it’s safe enough for the whole family.   

Tested on athletes, not animals, Real Deal Hurt Crème is GE free
and contains no parabens, salicylates, sulphates or other harmful chemicals.

Perfect to Support Healing

Pleasant & Safe to Use for All the Family

For any kind of injury, swelling or skin irritation, to support the body with sports injuries, post-surgery and other skin concerns, including sunburn.

Real Deal Hurt Crème has a pleasant scent, and when applied, you will experience a general warming of the tissues without the strong burning sensation common to some other products. Therefore, the Crème should be compatible with all skin types and sensitivities. It absorbs totally leaving the skin oil free.

Nature's Way to Heal

Allergy Free with Organically Produced Herbs

Real Deal Hurt Crème is an allergy free, oil based product which contains nine organically produced herbs and two essential oils. Arnica, Rue, Hypericum, Plantain, Calendula, Boneset, Yarrow, Echinacea, Peppermint oil, Clove bud oil. All natural base . No other product has the same formula which has been tried and proven for over 40 years. The Crème is manufactured in New Zealand and all ingredients are registered and approved.


Perfect for traumatic injuries and the associated physical shock, particularly bruising, fractures, dislocations and inflammatory pain


Relieves pain, staunches bleeding, prevents infections and stimulates general skin healing


Calms and soothes nerve damage, helpful for crush injuries and excessive pain


Aids recovery from bone, cartilage and tendon injuries


Promptly relieves limb, muscle and bone pain


To counter inflammation of the skin and body tissue


Helps counter injuries from falls, sprains and strains, heals capillary and arterial 


Natural remedy to help the body combat viruses and microbial invasions, prevents infection of wounds

Clove Bud Oil

Reduces pain, relieves muscle tension, improves circulation and has antiseptic properties

Peppermint Oil

Stimulates circulation and acts as a muscle relaxant, promoting cooling of inflamed tissue


Non-allergenic plant-based cream, with sweet almond oil, cocoa butter and natural preservatives


Contains silica and aids in repair of bone and skin damage and fracture repair

Used & Trusted by Health Professionals

“As a consistent user of Real Deal Hurt Crème for at least the past eight years here at Taupo Physiotherapy Clinic we are very happy to endorse this product. It has been a valuable aid to our treatments helping with the resolution of bruising, strains and the relief of muscle tension. Patients always comment on the fresh clean smell coming into our rooms when the crème has been used recently”.

Tim Ralfe, Physiotherapist