What Our Supporters Have to Say...

"I started off with the 100mI bottle as I was not sure how it would go, but realised how good it is, so I had to order the 500ml bottles x5. I use the Hurt Crème with my massages for all my clients. They love it. I certainly love working with the product, it's a gentle cream to spread and has a very nice aroma.  Works well with tension on those tight muscles, warms it up quickly and releases well. The grandkids love me using it on their feet, they say it's ticklish, but they think it helps warm their feet and smells nice, so easy on their nose. It's my go to product and wouldn't go without it. Many thanks for such an incredible product. Happy with Hurt Crème always."

Pip Mattock, a Happy Customer

"I would like to thank you for creating such an amazing product, your Hurt Creme. I started using it halfway through 2017 on the recommendation of my chiropractor - Kelly at Thrive in Paraparaumu, and have not looked back. Prior to that I had suffered damage to the rotor cuff on my right shoulder and had quite a degree of discomfort, not to mention compromised use of that arm. Now I have pretty much full use of the arm and can do most movements with ease and no pain. I apply the creme everyday and love that a little goes a long way! Since then I have also used it on a bruise and was delighted that instead of ending up with a technicolour nightmare, the bruise faded discreetly away, likewise a scab on my knee."

Jude Parrett, a Happy Customer

"I have been using the ‘Real Deal Hurt Crème’ on my clients and myself for many years with constant recovery results that I have never had from any other massage creams. When comparing similar brands, this cream is streets ahead! I find that it flows on and absorbs so easily that often other oils are not needed to complete a treatment. The feedback I get from my clients using the cream has always been positive and more orders often follow when they run out. I have no hesitation in recommending the ‘Real Deal Hurt Crème."

Bruce K Harper ND, DO, Osteopathic Physician and Naturopath

"As a consistent user of Real Deal Hurt Crème for at least the past eight years here at Taupo Physiotherapy Clinic we are very happy to endorse this product. It has been a valuable aid to our treatments helping with the resolution of bruising, strains and the relief of muscle tension. Patients always comment on the fresh clean smell coming into our rooms when the crème has been used recently. When ordering new stock or when we have had problems with damaged goods in transit South Natural Healthcare have been very prompt to right our problem. We are very happy to continue with the use of Real Deal Hurt Crème – despite its funny name."

Tim Ralfe, Physiotherapist

"I have been using this crème for 10 years and I love it. Why do I love it? – It’s a safe natural product. I use Real Deal Hurt Crème for all my pain relief needs – including toothache, aching feet and legs, headaches, bumps and bruises. I have my own company and I sell and endorse this product to my clients and friends who are all hooked on it. My Nana -in-law used Real Deal Hurt Crème every day for her arthritis for eight years and she was amazed it worked so well day after day. I can’t speak more highly about Real Deal Hurt Crème – try it, you’ll love it too."

Ruth Patterson, Earth Angel & Logical Living

"I am six months pregnant and have found that Real Deal Hurt Crème is fantastic in applying to my achy legs and ankles which is a common pregnancy complaint. I love it that I know what I am putting on my skin is all natural and organic and won’t hurt my baby in any way. I would highly recommend this great product to all women, pregnant or not. It is soothing, relaxing and a really great way to unwind at the end of a long day by addressing those common aches and pains."

Xenia M Foote

"I was unlucky enough to have been dealt with a case of shingles late November, and had severe pain and was on high morphine for about 5 weeks, the pain got a little better, but as the shingles are located under my butt and inwards to the centre, sitting or lying has been very painful. Have been on milder morphine as pain has only subsided a bit, and last week 2 1/2 months later the pain was bad one night it was getting the better of my normally pleasant disposition. The next day a friend went to have a massage and brought back a jar of your creme. I took it home and rubbed it in with trepidation – only to find that after about 5 minutes I could feel it “getting” right into the skin and nerves – not unpleasant as with Deep heat type of creme, and after about 15 minutes the intense pain and gone to being just really sore – unbelievable. I have been using it every day since and stopped taking any medication since last Saturday. I am still quite sore a lot of the time – am back at work and have to sit for a lot of the time, but the creme certainly lets me get a better nights sleep and is easier through the day.

I have recommended it to several people already and have already bought a second jar. Thank you for such a natural product and one that REALLY works."

Angle Jensen

"I have had no problem purchasing your Real Deal Hurt Crème through Earth Angel. I have just ordered another 500gm pot, and I am still very impressed with the soothing and healing qualities of your Crème and the fact that it is suitable for those who have sensitive skin and cannot use most other warming type creams. I have tried many other preparations over the past 10 years and yours is the only one I have found to do the job required. I am very happy to continue purchasing your product."

Jon Mathieson, Australia

"Hi, please may we order 20 x 100 gram pots of Real Deal Hurt Creme. We get a lot of feed back on the product, all good, and some even regard it as a ‘miracle’ where all other products they have tried have failed. We see some pretty big turnarounds in mobility and pain reduction with even one use."

Carol, Health By Logic, Silverdale